At The Gregg School we are passionate about our students learning Modern Foreign Languages (MFL).

We offer French, Spanish and German and encourage our students to take at least one of these languages at GCSE. Our students choose one language and are timetabled another language from Year 7, which they carry through to Year 9 when they decide on their GCSE options. All MFL GCSE courses follow the EdExcel specification.

The MFL syllabus is designed to enable students to become independent language learners with good communication and interpersonal skills. Students are encouraged to think about grammatical structure and experiment with language, developing an awareness which may enhance their literacy skills and increase performance across the curriculum. Lessons focus on enabling students to communicate in the target language with increasing confidence and fluency.

Students are given opportunities to take part in trips to France, Germany and Spain, enabling them to develop their use of the target language and gain a greater cultural awareness - a key element of the MFL curriculum. We also provide students with a range of enrichment activities including the Language Leader Award, Latin Club, the Spelling and Translation Bee and visits to Southampton University's Languages Department.

GCSE Modern Languages Curriculum 

Our Head of MFL, Mrs Clifton explains more:


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