Access to your child’s reports and homework data is via the Parent Pages of Firefly (our VLE), via your email address and a password which is emailed to all new parents.

Progress data for all students in all of their subjects are collected four times a year. Your personal Firefly pages will contain this information plus more detailed reports called Progress Reviews. Annual full reports will also be made available through Firefly.

 Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
7Oct - Progress ReviewProgress ReviewFull Reports
 Dec - Data Collection  
8Oct - Data collectionData CollectionFull Reports
 Dec - Progress ReviewProgress Review 
9Oct - Data CollectionProgress ReviewCore Subject Full Reports
 Dec - Progress ReviewNon-core Subjects Full report 
10Oct - Progress ReviewFull ReportsData Collection
 Dec - Data Collection Summer exam results
11Oct - Data CollectionFull ReportsTutor reports
 Nov - Mock Results  

The Gregg Assessment Ladder

The Government has reformed the structure and assessment of GCSEs. Examination boards are moving away from the familiar system of A*-G grades to a new system of grading with numbers. The Government have also withdrawn the central national system of levelling, and required schools to develop their own approach to assessing and reporting student progress at Key stage 3.

In order to maintain consistency, The Gregg School has adopted a single grading system which applies to all year groups and uses the same scale as the new GCSEs ranging from 9 to 1 (Grade 9 being the highest). Students will enter the school at a lower grade and progress up the ladder as they move from year to year. 

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