Entry to Year 7

Please contact the Registrar team if you would like your child to take the Entrance Assessment.

All prospective students sit our Entrance Assessment at School which includes English, Maths,Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Our friendly staff aim to make it a pleasant day for the children with break out sessions. The key purpose of the assessment is to identify students’ strengths and place them in the appropriate teaching groups.

The English paper tests comprehension, knowledge and use of vocabulary, and continuous prose. Reading widely is the best way for your son/daughter to prepare for this. An essay paper will give your son/daughter the opportunity to write at length on a choice of topics.

The Mathematics test is designed to assess skills in number, algebra, shape, space, measures and data handling. Children should have a thorough knowledge of their times tables and be competent in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The Reasoning test includes a wide range of question types and assesses both verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills. As children are less familiar with being tested on these skills, there is a practice section at the beginning of the paper which they will go through with a teacher to get them in the right way of thinking.

In addition to the Assessment results, the student’s report and reference from their current/previous school is also taken into consideration prior to a formal offer being made.

Results of the Entrance Assessment are usually posted out to families within two weeks. We urge successful applicants to accept their place as a priority, as places are filled on receipt of the signed contract.