Many co-curricular activities are organised by staff, and we also encourage students to organise and start new clubs.

These activities take place at lunchtimes and after school.

Activities vary from term to term and a new co-curricular schedule is published at the start of each term.

Supervised study sessions are held on all school days from 4.00pm until 5.00pm.

Late buses operate on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings on reduced routes enabling students staying for clubs and activities to travel home on school transport.

The Gregg School Valor

The Gregg School Valor is a co-curricular award system designed to supplement and enrich the students’ education at The Gregg School. We also aim to provide opportunities outside the classroom for students to gain accredited qualifications and continue our ethos of a holistic approach to our education. 

All students are can access the Valor Award by regularly attending co-curricular activities; a student that reaches or exceeds 36 'Valor Hours' will receive a Valor Award. The individual with the most Valor Hours in a year group is recognised at the end of year achievement evening; this can often be over 100 hours!

The higher level Valor Additus Award is attained by amassing the 36 hours of club time for the Valor Award, in addition to completing a club or activity that extends themselves and promotes personal development, often resulting in an external certificate. Such clubs include Duke of Edinburgh, Language Leaders, Sports Leaders, British Sign Language, STEM industrial cadets and many more.