Student Leaders 2023 - 2024

In the Summer term, Year 10 students are invited to apply for Student Leader status.  They submit written applications to the Headteacher, and may be asked to attend an interview with senior staff.

The expectations of a Student Leader are to:

  • Be a positive role model and set a good example at all times to other students through compliance with school rules, regular attendance, punctuality, appropriate dress, achieving a positive work rate and meeting deadlines for homework/coursework.
  • Be attached to a Year 7, 8 or 9 Tutor Group, supporting the Form Tutor with tasks such as checking planners, supervising Prep time and planning assemblies.
  • Play an active role in School Council/Working Groups
  • Supervise in corridors and aid with the smooth movement of students around school to prevent students congregating in certain areas
  • Be involved with all aspects of school life, both within the school day and in their own time including extra-curricular clubs and activities, House events, charity work, House assemblies, School productions and performances.


The benefits of a Student Leader:
  • It is an opportunity to take a leading role in the life of the school and take on significant areas of responsibility
  • It is a chance to give something back to the staff and school after so much has been provided for you
  • Becoming  a Student Leader is nationally recognised and accepted in colleges, universities and employers as a high achievement
  • It will allow you the chance to work in a number of areas of the school and community which you would not normally have the opportunity to do
This year's Student Leaders are: 

Head Boy: Alex B
Head Girl: Sophia W

Deputy Head Boy: Oliver D
Deputy Head Girl: Jessica C