The Gregg School day starts at 8.40am and ends at 3.45pm.

The school follows a two weekly timetable with six 50 minute lessons a day. Morning break is at 10.45am when the students can relax with their friends and enjoy a snack from the dining room. Lunch is 12.50pm - 2pm and is a friendly affair with students offered a choice of fresh hot or cold lunches. and giving the students a chance to unwind.

During lunchtimes and after school a range of extracurricular activities are on offer that enhance students` educational experiences.

Our students often discover hidden talents which enable them to harness their potential and enhance the development of their life skills.

From our programme of charity fund-raising and community events to activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, students of all ages and abilities can discover hidden talents, build on existing skills and engage in activities which develop confidence and enhance self-esteem.

The House system provides the chance for students to display their talents in over 90 House events during the year, ranging from sporting contests to music competitions, cake-baking, and of course the hugely popular House Dance and House Quiz competitions.