students in the computer lab at The Gregg School


In Year 7, students learn how to use spreadsheets and databases as well as developing their computational thinking skills. Students are also introduced to Python programming, data representation and complete a project that focuses on the history of Computing.

In Year 8, students continue to develop their problem solving skills whilst learning how to make apps, websites, animations and programming devices such as the BBC Micro:Bits. They also investigate the key hardware components needed to build a computer.

Year 9 students start to prepare for GCSE by studying different types of software, logic circuits, Python programming and extending their knowledge of computer hardware.

At GCSE, students develop their technical knowledge further by studying computer architecture and looking at numerous pieces of both hardware and software in detail. Students also develop their critical thinking and analysis skills then apply their knowledge to solve problems using programming.

Students are taught a variety of Computing skills throughout the school. This includes problem solving, writing algorithms and programming alongside developing their IT skills. Students have the opportunity to create apps, program Micro:bits, create websites and get an insight into the inner workings of a computer.