Pastoral & Student Support

Pastoral Care 

The Gregg School has a caring, family, friendly feel to it. Working in small classes, teachers are able to get to know students well and help them with day-to-day concerns and queries, as well as noticing and helping to support with larger concerns.

Every morning, students start the day by meeting with their Tutor. The Tutor is the first port of call for any queries or concerns from parents and students. Students stay in the same tutor group, with the same Tutor during their time at The Gregg School, so their Tutor knows each individual well and is available for students to talk to each morning. Supporting the Tutor is the Head of Year who will intervene and liaise as appropriate with parents and students.

Senior School Students at The Gregg School, woking on The Wall Of Kindness display

In additional to their Tutor and Head of Year, students feel free to talk to any member of staff. We find that they will turn to whichever teacher they feel most comfortable with, or the one who happens to be in the right place at the right time. 

Staff meetings are held twice a week, in addition to department and year group meetings, where care for students can be raised. Additionally, we have a weekly pastoral meeting to discuss any students needing additional support and the interventions that can be put in place.

Safeguarding issues and concerns are managed by our dedicated DSL Officer and supporting team, in a confidential and supportive manner, in the best interests of the student.

Student Support 

Our Student Support Department provides additional support to students across the school. We have key support staff linked to each year group within the schools, and staff who work with children and families on and individual basis. 

As a mainstream setting, most support is offered within the classroom, supporting teaching and learning, and through contributing to our co-curricular offer. We consider applications from children with additional needs, who we feel are able access GCSE content within Key Stage 4, however please see our admissions policy for further details.

We regularly liaise with key staff such as tutors and subject teachers to ensure student information is shared in a timely way. We also run small group sessions as part of our curriculum offer for students that are unable to access two modern foreign languages in Key Stage 3, or for those who have a reduced number of GCSE options in Key Stage 4. These sessions are subject to consultation.

Individual intervention work is discussed prior to entry as a charged optional extra, with interventions being reviewed on a termly basis. Other specific support, for example provision outlined within Education, Health and Care Plan, would also be discussed prior to a student joining, as per our admissions policy. 

Additional information about Student Support for current parents can be found on individual Student Support pages on Firefly. For prospective parents, information can be discussed once you have made an application, by contacting our registrar.