Recognition and Responsibilities

Recognition and Responsibilities

At The Gregg School we reward our students via a system of learning habits, respect points and via our Valor programme.

  • Learning Habits
    The school promotes high standards of learning behaviours through positive encouragement. Students can achieve a range of Learning Habit stickers for demonstrating resilience and independence or opting for the ‘challenge’ tasks in lessons

  • Senior Teacher Commendations
    These awards are for students who have gained 50 Learning Habits or for an excellent piece of work or effort.

  • Respect Points
    Positive, respectful behaviours are rewarded with Respect Points. Students demonstrating kindness, looking after a fellow student or being polite and helpful will be awarded Respect Points. Students can also gain Respect Points for representing the school as a tour guide on Open Morning or undertaking charity or community work.  In lessons, students can also attain Respect Points for qualities such as working collaboratively in a team or demonstrating tolerance to others in society or other cultures. 
    When students receive three Respect Points they are given a raffle ticket which is entered into the termly House Raffle Competition. Respect Points also convert into House Points.

  • Mercury
    A Mercury is awarded to students who have gained 30 Respect Points, who have taken part in a charity event, helped out at the school in their own time or some other significant action that shows respect and care in our community.

  • The Headteacher's Commendations
    This is the most prestigious award for an outstanding piece of work or commitment. It is awarded to students who have achieved above and beyond what is expected, such as a personal goal or contributing to the school community. They are hard to achieve and it is an honour to receive this award. Students meet with the Headteacher and their name and the reason for the award is written in the Headteacher’s Commendation book.

  • Valor Awards
    Valor Awards are achieved by students attending over 36 hours of co-curricular activities whilst the Valor Additus Award is gained by achieving over 36 hours and also attending an accredited club on the Valor list.

  • Student Leaders
    Students may apply to become Leaders in Year 9 and 10. These positions of responsibility are an excellent opportunity to take a leading role in the life of the school.

  • Mentors
    Students in Year 9 are invited to apply to become a Mentor for Year 7 students who are new to the school.

  • House Captains
    Years 8-10 students are given the opportunity to apply for the position of House Captain. As a House Captain, students are expected to contribute to the House competition by being an active leader and role model. House Captains are assigned to a sub-group that work on supporting the system through the areas of Communication, Sports, Events Managers, Respect and Charity Ambassadors.

  • House Competitions
    Our House system encourages friendly rivalry and fosters team spirit. On entry to the school, students are placed in one of three Houses: Roman, Spartan or Trojan. Teams compete in approximately forty different events (such as sports, quiz, maths, baking, art, MFL and music) throughout the year, earning points towards the House Championship.
    House points are also earned by gaining Respect Points, which are awarded for effort, achievement and service.

  • Presentation Evenings
    In the Summer term, students are awarded prizes for high achievements, outstanding work and commitment to the school community.